Client Testimonials

Wow, that is impressive, Keith! If you have this much information on every family branch I will be delighted
(M C, England)


Thank you so much for all of this information, I never realised that I had so many living relations in Scotland. I have managed to make contact with one of them and am hoping to meet up with them later this year.  My sister is intrigued that she could be married to someone for over forty years and be close to all of his family and not know any of this
(M A, Vancouver)

A really big thank you for all your efforts in tracing my Scottish Ancestry. The professional, but personal way you conducted this research, was excellent and I now consider you to be a very good friend.(S S, Canberra)

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No amount of research is too small, whether it is to trace one person or to carry out a thorough and detailed investigation of the branches of your family which interest you.

Generally most people decide to start with the paternal line of their family, but I will be pleased to undertake whatever research you wish, provided you can give me enough information to identify correctly the person whose genealogy you wished traced in the Scottish records.

If you having difficulties in your own research and have come to a dead end, I am happy to try to solve your problem. In the past many relied on the spoken word, not being able to read or write. As such because of the differing accents and dialects you may be surprised at the spelling of some names the Registrars entered on the certificates! I will always double check these entries to ensure they relate to the person you are trying to find.

In addition if you are trying to trace a living descendant, I may be able to help. This is provided you can give me enough information to identify correctly your ancestor in Scotland.

After 1855 in Scotland it became compulsory to record Births, Marriages and Deaths and from this year onwards Scottish marriage and death records give the name of both the parents of the persons concerned.

In the case of people born before 1855 I need to know the ancestor's date of birth and parents' names - for example, more information is needed than just ‘William Muir’, born in the 1810s in Stirlingshire', as the OPR indexes will show that there are over 100 possibilities !

My report can be in narrative form or if you wish a family tree. I will include if available, digital copies of birth entries (1855 – 1915), marriage entries (1855 -1940) death entries (1855-1965) and of the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 census returns. In addition I may also be able to include copies of pre 1855 events, if they were registered. I will also search for wills and testaments and pre 1901 testaments are available as digital copies. Copies of divorce proceedings may also be available.


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